Your partner for exclusive properties and projects

Joint-stock Company Terra Firma and Terra Mediterranea were founded 2004 and 2005 as the first investment foundations for real-estate in Croatia and this part of Europe. For legal restriction reasons, Companies have changed the firm and company objects in 2009 into direct investments in project developments and function since as joint-stock companies for real-estate investments.

Company Terra Firma and Terra Mediterranea aim their offer towards targeted client groups. In accordance to the “Masterplan” of tourist development in Istrian County, they develop luxuries tourist-catering projects and projects for social purposes, such as settlements for the elderly. All the real-estates from both Companies’ portfolio are situated in the County of Istria. With its natural resources and predispositions for growth, Istria represents a tourist Mecca in development.

Application of this kind of entrepreneurship model will elevate the level of quality tourism in Istria and bring about concrete profit to the shareholders of both Terra Firma and Terra Mediterranea.